I have used Saamah's services on numerous occasions, ranging from planning a friend's baby shower to coordinating the events for my engagement ceremony and wedding. For all events Saamah was a God Send! Saamah was not only quick to respond to my concerns but also offered solutions and recommendations for how to run the event from party favours to the timing of the event.On my Mehndi day Saamah coordinated the entrance of the bride and groom's sides and the dances, as well as made sure that the event ran smoothly and on time.For the Baraat day Saamah coordinated the entrances for the bride and the groom, the cake cutting, the ring ceremony and the speeches. With Saamah I had no worries as I knew somebody was taking care of everything and the event ran smoothly. Weddings are stressful but hiring Saamah was one of the best things I could have done to make things less stressful. Saamah is not hesitant to roll up her sleeves and take care of any hurdle that comes her way! She is also an absolute sweetheart and she will go out of her way to make sure that the bride and groom are happy and that everything is taken care of! I would recommend Saamah to anyone planning an event, she will take you from your vision of your event to an actual perfect event.
Nejla J (Roma's Banquet Hall, Mississauga, ON) 2012

Having most recently acquired Saamah for her indispensable services at my Nikkah this past October, I had the peace of mind in knowing everything was under control because she was there. In fact, Saamah was there before I was! Before my event, She had previously given me a lot of tips on where to find exactly what I wanted (she personally knows a lot of decorators, photographers, cinematographers and halls) and reminded me to consider lots of the details I would have overlooked (table seating arrangements, charger plates). And since my own planning only goes so far, she was REMARKABLE at the day of the event! When the groom enters, what songs play when, how the lights look, making sure photographers and videographers have a great view of everything occurring, bride’s entrance, when the speeches are, when the dinner is served, when the pictures will be taken, in what order they will be taken, and in total, she takes charge for EVERYTHING happening in the hall and runs the event so smoothly that there are no hiccups, no mix-ups and no problems anywhere! 

And when I say Saamah’s indispensable, I mean that I don’t know what my event would have been like without her! Even after months of planning, there is no guarantee that everything will go according to plan the day you’re sitting on stage getting pictures taken, and that’s when you need someone like Saamah. To know that if you’re up there after months of planning, thousands of dollars spent and counting, hours of make-up and clothes and jewelry, all you have to do is relax, strike a pose and smile. Saamah’s got the rest. 
Fareha H - (Grand Empire Banquet Hall, Brampton, ON) 2012

Saamah is truly a blessing. Although every girl wants to plan her wedding and has her vision in her mind, a great wedding planner/coordinator is someone we all NEED o make sure our plans are followed through on our day! I had a great wedding pictured in mind but I didn't know who to contact for half the vendors! Luckily, I had Saamah. Smooth, calm and SUPER connected, Saamah helped me find vendors, came with me to meetings (which was a plus, because she knew things that I needed that I had no clue about!). She helped me plan the itinerary for the wedding day, which was a lifesaver. Her years of experience and level of expertise makes her so well-informed and super helpful.

On the day of my mehndi, Saamah came early to make sure everything would run smoothly. Trust me girls, you do not want any additional stress on the Big Day(or Big Days for us south asian girls, haha). Saamah made sure my mehndi went according to the plan. On the day of the wedding, Saamah made sure the baraat entrance was fun and exciting. She lifted such a heavy burden off my shoulders.
For all future family weddings, I know that I will contact Saamah,iA!
Hafsa P - (Chandni Banquet Hall, Brampton, ON) 2011

Saamah, I can never thank you enough for everything you did to help make my wedding day one to remember. From the very beginning you were there with your support and suggestions when I needed them. From going with me to see the venue, helping me set and keep my budget and suggesting vendors helped to make my planning process a breeze.
Not only did you help in the planning process but ensured that the day itself ran smoothly. Since I had my wedding and reception at two different venues it was great that you were there to ensure that the set up of both venues matched what I had thought up in my head. From coordinating the family photos to troubleshooting when the venue forgot the card box, you took the worry away and allowed me to enjoy my wedding day. Thank you, you truly are amazing at what you do and have a gift for making any event a success.
Flora F. - (Parkwood Estate, Oshawa, ON & Deer Creek Golf Club, Ajax, ON) 2010

Saamah, you are perfect for this! What you helped us do with our wedding was amazing. You were there throughout the whole planning process, making sure every fine detail was coordinated perfectly. From putting things together the night before, to showing up early to set up the centrepieces and decorating the hall, to making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the event, and on top of that, taking great pictures for us, you were a much needed component of our wedding!
Heather & Ethan - (The Heinztman House, Thornhill, ON)  2009

Saamah has organized countless events for me and my family. Anything and everything that she had been a part of has turned out absolutely FANTASTIC! She co-ordinated my son's Aqiqa back in 2009 and it turned out amazing. I live in England andI am not familiar with many party vendors in Toronto, and that's where her knowledge is very extensive. She not only helped with the venue, food, decor, favors but even with photographing the event. She paid every attention to detail and made sure that our event ran smoothly and it turned out to be a perfect day!!

She has also co-ordinated two of my sisters' weddings, and both to exceptional standards. She completely put us at ease and made sure that everything went according to plan. It's hard to imagine how we would ever have managed without her. She's very well organized, extremely calm and extraordinarily creative. One of the best things about her is that she has an amazing personality and is an absolute pleasure to be around. She's highly experienced at all aspects of wedding and party co-ordinating, so you can totally relax and enjoy your special day. Honestly, if you want someone who will make sure that you get your dream event or wedding, she is the ONE!
Ayesha H - (Centennial Building, Whitby, ON) 2009

On August 7th 2009, my husband and I were married at Trillium Trails in Oshawa. The ceremony and reception were perfect and what could have been a stressful day was one of the best days of my life! I owe so much to Saamah whom I hired to help me through my special day.

I initially thought that Saamah was going to be a great photographer for my wedding but I quickly discovered that she brought far more than fantastic shots to the table. Saamah helped me coordinate my entire day: she showed up at the salon before the ceremony to take shots and offer her support, she attended me while having my make-up done, and went to the reception hall early to ensure things were done according to my specifications. Saamah took scores of photographs for us but it was her attention to detail and her ability to walk my husband and I through the process of things like entrances, dances, and cutting the cake that proved to be invaluable.

With Saamah as a part of our wedding day, I did not need to worry about a thing. She took the time to know me and what I wanted and was there to make sure things came off without a hitch. My husband and I agree that the focus Saamah gave to us and our wedding contributed to making the day wonderful! 
Jessie S - (Trillium Trails, Oshawa, ON) 2009

S Jay is a must for any special event you plan on throwing and executing successfully. Being somewhat of a perfectionist and a control freak, I had specific ideas in mind of what I wanted for my wedding. However, even I had to understand that when it comes to the actual day, there's very little you can control from the stage when all eyes are on you. This is where the services of S Jay shine through. Planning was in my court, but when it came to co-ordinating and executing my wedding vision, S Jay was definitely the star of the show! She was able to communicate my wishes to all players involved, from the caterer, to the decorator, to the photographer, and even to the family and inlaws.
Everything, (including Saamah!) ran smoothly and on schedule, as planned by me. For any of your special events, you want to enjoy the moment with family and friends. You don't want to worry about whether the food is coming out, or if your cake has been set up where you want it to be. S JAY is there before, during, and after to ensure your special day is a success.
Tayeba D - (JJ Swagat Banquet Hall, Markham, ON) 2008

I have the pleasure of knowing Saamah for 5 years now. We of course, met when I was getting married in 2008. Once she joined the wedding party, she took my mind off of so many responsibilities. Her attention to detail and passion for all things wedding really shines through in everything she does. She listened to my ideas and provided excellent feedback. She is what I call a wedding-encyclopedia, she responds back right away and answers all your questions. Once we got in touch with Saamah, she provided details of decorators , halls, catering, flowers, photography and much more. Her tasteful choice and recommendations were very well appreciated by the guests . Saamah went out of her way and was involved from the very beginning. She visited almost everyday before the wedding, helping with decorations and getting everything prepared ahead of time. She got the family members involved and co-ordinated my mehndi entrance beautifully. One thing I love about Saamah is that she always arrives on time or even better before. She was there at the hall already getting things together at my wedding and my sisters before we even arrived. At the ceremony, she took such good care of our guests and was constantly checking on things. Saamah has been doing our family weddings ever since. She also threw me an amazing baby shower. Saamah most recently helped plan my sister wedding in October and we couldn't have asked for anything more. She went above and beyond our expectations. If you are looking for someone who Truly passionately cares about your special day, Saamah is the person.
Sakina Q - (Payal & Woodbine Banquet Halls, Mississauga, ON) 2008

My wedding was almost 7 years ago now. I remember everything so well, it was the day I married my best friend but as I think back I remember all the little things that made the day so special. I spent over a year planning my wedding and I researched everything. I didn't have a wedding co-ordinator and I didn't feel like I really needed one. However, the one person I feel made the whole day come together was Saamah. No matter how much planning I had done, down to every last detail there was so much that needed to be coordinated the day of my wedding and my family and I were just too busy to attend to any of it. Saamah stepped in and ran the show from behind the scenes. She coordinated the timing of the procession, she was a liaison between the venue staff and the d.j. I honestly feel that my wedding day would not have been as wonderful as it was had I not had Saamah there to attend to every last detail. She knew what needed to be done and she took care of it all. Thank you so much Saamah! I would highly recommend your services to anyone!!!
Angela Y (Trillium Trails, Oshawa, ON) 2006
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